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Company is engaged in the business of manufacturing, producing, marketing, exporting and dealing in all kinds and varieties of paper, Board, Kraft Paper, Semi Kraft and other paper products. The foregoing discussion traced that the Indian paper industry is a booming industry and is expected to grow in the years to come. The usage of paper cannot be ignored and this awareness is bound to bring about changes in the paper industry for the better. Indian paper and newsprint industry has huge potentials and prospects in coming future. In our country, demand for paper and newsprint is rapidly increasing. The wood and paper industry is probably the only large-scale industrial system which is genuinely capable of satisfying future requirements with respect to sustainable development. Moreover the per capita consumption of paper in India is going up.

Company is focusing on repositioning of product lines, improving internal efficiencies and making investments in expansion and building production capacities and to further penetrate in the global market.

Company has basically two segments which are as follows:-

  • Kraft division
  • Paper Division
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